About Us

Welcome to Shore Paws, we are a friendly and hygienic mobile dog groomers which provides all your grooming needs for your furry friend, with no mess or fur in your home. Our van is bespoke designed with electric bath and grooming table, this means large or elderly dogs can get on/off the table with ease. The bath water temperature and pressure can be changed to the dog’s individual comfort and size.


Animals have always been my first love, growing up on a small holding always provided lots of animals including, dogs, cats, chickens, pigs and two horses to love and look after.


Before I started grooming, I was working at a horse yard, riding, clipping and looking after the horses welfare. After clipping horses, dogs seemed a natural progression and gave me the confidence to become the groomer I am today. I have completed a Dog Grooming diploma with Centre of Excellence and Canine First Aid course and have been a grooming professional for three years.


I look forward to seeing you at your first appointment very soon.



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Tel: 07773 607908

Email: info@shorepaws.com

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